Thursday, February 9, 2017

Identifying Chemistry Lab Equipment Activity

It's a snow day for me, so I'm uploading some new products.  My products are available on Teachers Pay Teachers, Teachers Notebook and TES.  Once of the awesome things I can do on Teacher's Notebook is to turn a product into a flash freebie for my followers (and that's just what I did!).

My newest product, Identifying Chemistry Lab Equipment, is available for free to all of my followers on Teacher's Notebook.  If you aren't a follower head there now and give me a follow as it's only free for 48 hours (don't worry it's only $1 after that!)

Identifying Chemistry Lab Equipment Activity

For this activity, you will set up a selection of lab equipment around your classroom and then students will walk around the room identifying what it is and what it does as well as drawing a quick sketch of what it looks like.  This is great to do in the beginning of the year to introduce students to lab equipment or at the end of the year as a review to ensure that they know what all of the tools are that they used during this past year. 

How do you expose students to the lab equipment they will be using in the classroom? 

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