Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Earth's Motion Stations

When I teach Earth's motion to my 8th grade students, they think they understand it, but often get confused.  Rotation and revolution confuses them and I have to battle their misconceptions on the reason that we have seasons.  I have put together 10 different activities for my students and created a rotation for them to move through them.  Not all students will do all ten stations as it depends on their level.  My high achieving students will get to all ten of the stations, but my lower achieving students will only get to six.  This allows me to challenge the students who can grasp the material quickly and still give other students who need it, the extra time they'll need.

My ten stations include several worksheets, a mini lab and notes on Earth's Motion and the Seasons that I record videos of so students can watch at their own pace and rewind when needed.

One resource I came across after I taught these lessons was a common core aligned reading followed with comprehension questions about seasons.  You can find it here; it's a free resource from TPT.   Some of the items I made myself and have posted them online.  My reason for the seasons lab is also on TN.

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