Sunday, July 19, 2015

BrainFlex - summer practice for students

I just received an e-mail from CK-12 and wanted to share it with you. Being that our school's are already out for the summer (at least in my area), I don't know if you could get students on board with this, but if you are a parent this might be good for your children. I might share this with my parents of my previous classes as there are some who are asking what their kids can do over the summer (especially those who have failed)

Here is the information sent to me by CK-12:
"CK-12’s BrainFlex tool is a great way to help prevent the “summer slide” or supplement year-round learning. It’s a great way for teachers to provide students with areas of focus over the summer, or even a preview of some of the concepts they may see next year. We’ve developed a customizable letter that teachers can share with students and parents.

It allows students to build their math and science skills with daily practice. Here are some highlights:

  • Free to join
  • Self-paced. BrainFlex features a series of tools and lessons students can take whenever the mood strikes
  • Versatile. BrainFlex covers a wide range of math and science topics for students of any age
  • Customized. Pick the subjects you want to study, practice anytime & anywhere, use unique tools to track your progress
Teachers can invite students to join here:"
Do you think this is something that would help students or is it something that kids won't want to do?

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